Building N90HS

Back in 1997 I went to Idaho to attend the open house at a now defunct company called Skystar Aviation. At that time they were the company that sold a kit airplane known the Kitfox. At the open house I placed an order for the Model 4, now referred to as the Classic IV.

AC_1997_001_smallThe kit arrived a few months later. It all came in a HUGE crate that I had to pick up at a local freight terminal. This box contained almost everything to build the aircraft from the firewall aft. It did not include instruments, engine, engine AC_1997_002_smallmount, propeller or engine cowlings.

A few years later Skystar had a management change and a few years after that they went under. During those years before bankruptcy they introduced the Model 5, Model 6 and finally the Model 7. So this left me without the support that came with purchasing the kit. I was what is known as and “orphan” in the kit airplane business.

Luckily the assets were bought out bankruptcy by a group of investors and a new company was formed. That company, Kitfox Aircraft, currently sells the Model 7 as the Kitfox Super Sport in both kit and completed form. A little bit bigger than my Classic IV but from what I have heard, a whole lot easier to build.

AC_1997_003_smallConstruction began in my garage and back in the Fall of 1997 and continued on and off in this garage and then in my current garage until March 9, 1013. The day I moved the almost complete aircraft to Coulter Field in Bryan, TX. As I am writing this the airplane has been at the airport for just over three weeks and is all but complete. An inspection is scheduled that will hopefully result in a airworthiness certificate for N90HS. Then I get to fly! I will be restricted to a limited test flight area for the first 40 hours of flight and will not be allowed to carry passengers. After that I can go and do indeed plan to go pretty much anywhere and take a friends for rides or trips. Stay Tuned!



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