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I have been building a airplane in my garage for the past 15 or so years. In fits and starts, so to speak. You could say that life got in the way and there were several extended periods of little activity. During these periods the “project” languished in my garage and at times seemed to taunt me. But N90HS is finally complete and I have quit my job and it is time to go flying. This blog is intended to be a portal to my family and friends to follow my adventure. Many of them offered encouragement and help along the way and I want them to be able to share my experiences and keep track of where I am.

If you have stumbled onto this blog, enjoy! I have included a little information about myself and the airplane so you’ll know what this is all about.

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  1. Hi
    I fly in the UK and most of my time has been in PA28, C182 and TB10/20 all reasonably quick.
    But I have converted to a piper cub. She’s great to fly locally but what I’d like to know from someone who has done it, is what’s it like to tour with an aircraft which does 75 – 100 mph in the cruise.
    I’d like to buy a Nord NC854 which is for sale here as it can take me with a passenger and full fuel but I’m not sure if I’ll get bored with her very soon as I like to occasionally travel further afield.
    I’d welcome your thoughts.

    • I made sure that I have plenty of time for this adventure. I can easily fly 600 miles a day in two legs. I have had more issues with weather delays slowing me down. I can cruise at 100 mph at about 75% power and a little faster at full power and carry enough fuel for 5 hours. A Piper Cub is a slower and will require more fuel stops. I’ve not gotten bored yet and still have a couple more months of flying ahead of me.

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