Enroute to Burning Man 2015, Day 2

It is very early Sunday morning and the gates open today. I made it to Richfield Utah pretty much as planned. Took off at 6:00 AM and got in a half hour of night flying before the sky started to lighten up. Took on fuel in Slaton Texas, fuel and food in Snata Fe New Mexico, fuel in Cortez Colorado and then landed in Richfield at about 6:00. With the time change it took 13 hours with over 10 hours of actual flying. The weather was good, a little rain, bumps during the mid-day and a tailwind most of the way. At 12,500 feet the temperature was 53 degrees.

Had to tighten the flap handle after I landed as they were not staying deployed properly. Have to do that about once a year. Last time was Richfield Utah last year on the way to the burn. Used a courtesy car to get some dinner, joined some pilots for their Saturday hangar party and slept in the lounge. Plan to get out of here as the sun rises.

Here is the plan for today:

Day 2 Route

Will only stop at either Ely or Eureka for fuel. Then Derby to fill the tanks before Black Rock City so I will have plenty of fuel for rides.

2 thoughts on “Enroute to Burning Man 2015, Day 2

  1. Hi Hank!
    It was great meeting you in Black Rock City! Flying with you was the highlight of my Burning Man experience. I will have the GoPro vid of the flight mailed out to you as soon as possible.
    Safe travels!

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