Burning Man 2014: The Airport Camp

BRC_20140829_N90HS_Sunrise_01The airport camp is an amazing place. Volunteers come together every year to build, maintain and operate what is, for one week, the busiest airport in Nevada. Or is it the second busiest? I’m not sure but it is amazing anyway. I usually get up pretty early and head from my airplane to the camp. I sleep outside the fence with my airplane.

BRC_20140827_Burn_BarrelThe camp is actually inside the fence. It is usually pretty chilly so if someone has not done so already I start a fire in our burn barrel. Soon it will be surrounded by locals and people from the city looking for a plane ride or waiting for a charter flight. See, not your typical airport waiting area. Believe me, nothing is like your typical airport. We have a great galley and great food and I am sorry to say that I did not get any pictures of that operation. We all pay into the meal plan and volunteer to make sure it happens. The food was excellent and plentiful.


Here are some of our volunteers, Ross and Anna and someone whose name I can’t remember, with seats on their trailer to watch something. Not sure what it is. Maybe they are just enjoying the evening.



BRC_20140830_Arprt_Party_01On Saturday night we set up our bar in the Star Port lounge and served any and all who came by or were just hanging out at the airport. In case you don’t recognize him, the gentleman on the left, Blaze, is our airport mayor. The three lovely bartenders are from London and this is their first burn.


BRC_20140830_Arprt_Bartenders_01Although my picture supply is fairly sparse for some reason I seem to have several of the bar crew. They did a great job, both at the bar and from what I heard as Customs Inspectors at the airport arrival area. Sorry to say that they were not on duty when I arrived. Maybe next year.


BRC_20140830_Hank_Sydney_Arprt_Party_01So, here I am, hanging out with Sidney at the Saturday cocktail party. I was leaving the next day and I had not been to the hot springs in a couple of days so I was pretty grungy. But, you just deal with it. It’s not like your the only person with a little dirt under their finger nails. Sydney, like many others just kind of stumbled into the airport camp not really knowing anything about it but was amazed with what we have out on the edge next to the trash fence. If you come to Burning Man try to make it out. If you want a ride try to get out early in the day some morning early in the week.


BRC_20140830_Arprt_Sunset_01Out away from the city the views are unobstructed and amazing and I’ll leave you with this sunset picture.



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